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Rules of the Library



Savonlinna Municipal Library offers you books, newspapers, magazines and audiovisual material, free of charge and available to loan. During the library's opening hours the public spaces are open to all with no entrance fee. The library staff gives expert help to customers in all questions concerning the library, its use and collections.

The library users may make proposals for new acquisitions. Items not in the library's own collections may also be borrowed from other libraries as an interlibrary loan.

The Right of Use

The library services are available to every person or community willing to comply with the rules of the library. The right to use the library includes the permission to borrow materials and use the collections, the services and the public premises of the library according to these rules.

Library Card

You need a valid library card to borrow any items from the library collections. You can get a library card by filling an application form, presenting a proof of identity and giving your address. When you sign the application form, you agree to follow the rules of the library. Under 15-year-olds need consent from their parent or guardian.

Community clients must appoint a representative who will be responsible for all materials borrowed by the community client.

The library card is personal and the owner is responsible for all the loans made on the card. Loss of a library card must be reported to a library immediately. The bearer of a lost card will not be held responsible for misuse of the card once the loss has been reported. There is a nominal charge for a replacement card.

You should inform the library of change of your address or name without delay, before using your card.

Loans, Renewals, Data Security

The maximum number of items a person - community clients excluded - may have out on loan is 100, with following restrictions for audiovisual material:

  • CDs max 25 pcs

  • Videos max 10 pcs

  • CD-ROMs max 5 pcs

  • DVDs max 5 pcs

The loans may be renewed up to five (5) times if the materials have not been reserved by another customer. The library shall not be held liable for any damage caused by borrowed recordings or software to customers’ equipment. Loan periods

The library’s customer records are used only for monitoring loans. No information is disclosed to external parties. Details are removed from the customers’ records immediately after the materials have been returned. You have the right to check exactly what information about you is stored in the library’s records.



Fees and Charges

Lending is free of charge. However, there are fees and charges collected for:

  • reserving a book (or other loan item)

  • overdue loans

  • replacement of lost, damaged or unreturned materials

  • replacement of lost library card

  • inter-library lending service and possible material delivery costs


Loss of Rights

You lose the right to borrow if:

  • You have not returned the items you have borrowed and you have been sent two reminders.

  • You fail to pay for lost, damaged or unreturned materials

  • You owe the library an amount exceeding the maximum allowable

You are banned from using the library services if you act disruptively despite being forbidden or cause damage to library property.



Your feedback concerning the library and its services should be addressed to the Library Director or the Savonlinna Board of Cultural Affairs.

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