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Literature diplomas

From Kuutti (baby seal) to Nestori (old seal) - Savonlinna primary school literature diploma

The diplomas aim to support the teaching of native language and literature in the primary school and spark and reinforce the children's interest in reading as a hobby. There are four levels of literature diploma in Savonlinna:

  • Classes 1. - 2.
  • Classes 3. - 4.
  • Classes 5. - 6.
  • Classes 7. - 9.

Kuutti and Kuutti II
Natti and Natti II
Norppa and Norppa II
Nestori I-III

Book lists, guides and tasks

Every primary school pupil will follow a course through to the diplomas. The diplomas will be taken into account when the pupils' performance in the subject is evaluated.

In classes 1 through 6 a pupil can get one diploma a year or one every other year. For example, if a pupil passes the Kuutti diploma on class one, he/she can go for Kuutti II on class two.

There is a yearly diploma available for pupils in classes 7 through 9.

The books can be read in school or at home. A good way to encourage reading is to allocate a regular reading hour in the school's weekly schedule.

The teachers will oversee the reading, check the tasks and pass the diplomas to pupils. The printable diplomas are available through the schools' administrative LAN at address O:\koulu\kirjallisuusdiplomimateriaali\päivitykset 2008. They can be printed from any school administrative workstation.

The books are mostly chosen from the lists linked here: Book lists, guides and tasks.

The teachers can also accept additional titles if they wish. The pupils find and get the books from the city or school libraries. It is extremely important that reading is both encouraged and watched over and the pupils' progress controlled. Suitable tasks and tests can be found in the school's literary diploma folder or if needed, the teachers can make their own questions.

Reading for the literature diploma starts at the beginning of the school year. The diplomas are handed out on week 19. In September every year, the Savonlinna Library will ensure that the diploma books are prominently placed on display. If you have any questions about the literature diploma, contact the workgroup members.


Literature Diploma Workgroup

Hilkka Nuopponen
Katriina Koponen
Maarit Eronen-Raivio
Pirkko Valkonen
Päivi Vilska
Tarja Hurri
Sirkka-Liisa Iivarinen

Tommi Tikka

Diploma design: Merja Leppänen