Savonlinna Municipal Library Home

Main Library Collections

Location / floor plan


  • Novels, poems, plays etc. in Finnish and in foreign languages
  • Fairy tales and picture books
  • Cartoons and comics
  • Large print books and Plain (Clear) language books
  • Professional, trade and hobby literature
  • Textbooks and course materials
  • Talking books

Reference library

  • Large collection of reference books, encyclopaedias, thesauri, indices, atlases, dictionaries, law collections, statistical publications as well as nationwide phone directories
  • RT-kortisto (a builder's cardfile)

Savonlinna City publications

  • Municipal planning, budget
  • Annual report
  • City ordinances
  • Municipal waste management regulations
  • Brochures
  • Information about businesses in the Savonlinna region

Current news and info about Savonlinna can be found on the brochure shelf near the Aquarium door.

Videos and DVDs

for all ages:

  • Animations, films, TV series, entertainment
  • Documents and other non-fiction programs
  • Hobby and teaching materials
  • Yleisradio (Finnish Broadcasting Company) programs

Though the video and DVD collections are maintained in the Main and Music Libraries, you can leave a reservation for video materials in any library branch.

Main Library video and DVD collections are located near the loan desk. Non-fiction videos and DVDs are close to books of the same topic.


  • Children's activities, fairy tales, music
  • Anatomy, history, nature, art etc.
  • Multimedia
  • Languages and other teaching CD-ROMs
  • Entertainment

Though the CD-ROM collections are maintained in the Main Library and Music Library (music CD-ROMs), you can leave a reservation for any CD-ROM in any library branch.

The loanable adult CD-ROMs have their own shelves where they are arranged alphabetically with classification.

Board Games

The youth department in the Main Library stocks a few loanable board games. (The game boxes contain the board, pieces, guidebooks etc.) More information from Web-Origo using keyword "lautapelit".

EU material

Materials about current topics in EU, produced by the Foreign Ministry and by other parties.

Most of the loanable material is classified under class 32.51, but a small part is in the reference library. Brochures and other free publications are available from the shelf near the Aquarium door.

Choice of career and study opportunities

  • Brochures from schools and educational institutions in the Savonlinna region
  • Brochures from folk high schools, summer universities and open universities
  • Educational guides and application forms for schools
  • Literature about study opportunities abroad

The library stocks both loanable and reference library guides. Free materials are available from the Main Library entrance hall.

Newspapers and magazines

  • Newspapers approx. 30 volumes
  • Magazines approx. 300 volumes: general, trade, professional and hobby magazines, scientific publications
  • Magazines for children and youth, cartoons and comics

The newspapers and magazines are downstairs in the Newspaper Reading Room. Children's and youth magazines are in the youth department and the music magazines are in the Music Library.

All magazines are loanable except the newest number of each magazine. The crafts and needlework magazines are kept in the Aquarium; they are all available for loan.

Older volumes of the magazines are kept in the library store room. Itä-Savo and other local newspapers are preserved permanently, for other newspapers only copies from the current and previous months are kept. Old newspapers are also available on microfilm.

Local newspapers

Newspapers on microfilm

Newspaper and magazine listing
includes information about for how long a copy is kept.


  • Savonlinna Region Basic Maps
  • Inland Waterway Charts for the Saimaa Lake District
  • Excursion and hiking maps
  • Atlases and road maps
  • GT -Finland Tourist Road Atlas
  • City maps
  • Geographic maps

Loanable atlases can be found on the geography shelf. They are classified under class 40.02. For researchers, there are plenty of maps and atlases in the reference library room, including the GT road maps. There are also many large maps and waterway chart sheets in a wooden map drawer in the reference library room. The unbound maps and charts are not available for home loan.

Regional Collection

The Regional Collection includes materials from and about Savonlinna and the former municipality of Sääminki. Also diverse items produced by Savonlinna and Sääminki based authors and artists are included in the collection. The collection consists of literature, both fiction and fact, small press and self-publishing materials, maps, recordings, videos and newspaper clippings.

The Regional Collection materials are not available for loan. You can research them in the reference library room.


  • Talking books for all ages
  • YLE (Finnish Broadcast Company) radio plays
  • Language courses, many levels and languages
  • Exercise and relaxation recordings
  • Nature recordings
  • Sound effects
  • Children's music

Literary recordings are available both from the adult and the youth departments. Non-fiction recordings are kept close to books of the same topic.

Music recordings, not including children's music, are available from the music library. There is a collection of children's music in every other library branch, the largest is in Main Library.

Genealogical Materials

  • Publications
  • Indices
  • Sukuviesti and Genos - genealogical magazines
  • microfilms:
    Church records from Savonlinna, Sääminki and Kerimäki
  • microfiches:
    Church records from Savonlinna, Sääminki, Kerimäki and Rantasalmi. Church history books from Savonlinna, Sääminki, Kaavi, Kerimäki, Liperi, Rantasalmi and Sulkava.
    Settlement research of administrative and church parish of Tavinsalmi 1548-1600
    IGI cards: genealogical data collected by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Readers for microfilms and -fiches are in the Aquarium. There are three readers, one for microfilms, one for microfiches and one accepting both. Please, do make a reservation for a reader beforehand. You can make your reservation at the library information desk or by calling 044 417 4429. The genealogical reference library is near the readers. Loanable genealogical books are in the adult section of the library.

Microfilms and -fiches