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Library Fees and Fines

Reserving materials


1 , which is to be paid when making the reservation.

Overdue fines:
First overdue notice
Second overdue notice
Invoice (Sent after two notices)

Interlibrary Loans
Photocopy order (Interlibrary service)

10 plus the cost of the material.


Interlibrary services may include additional fees charged by the sending library.
Interlibrary service charge for other libraries 5 . However, there is no charge for interlibrary services from Savotta libraries (Southern Savo libraries).

Sending photocopies (Interlibrary service)

3 (1-5 pages), following pages 0,40 /page


Replacing a lost library card

Plastic bag
Paper bags

Sending a fax

Receiving a fax


0,20 / page
0,40 / page

1 / 1. page
0,20 / following pages

0,20 / page


Copier pay cards

Copier transparencies

Black and white printouts
Colour printouts


0,40 / page

2 / 10 copies
5 / 30 copies

0,50 / page

0,20 / page
0,50 / page


Photocopiers are available in the Main Library, Music Library and Kellarpelto and Nojanmaa branches. You can buy copier pay cards for the Main Library photocopier at the information desk.

Lost or damaged materials

If you damage or lose library materials, you should preferably replace the material with same or corresponding work (latter only with the library's agreement). If this is not possible, you must reimburse the library for the cost of acquiring the item or the cash value of acquiring a replacement.

A videocassette, DVD or CD-ROM must always be compensated for by paying the compensation fee ordered by the library, because the videos etc. sold through normal shops are not licensed for use by libraries (public viewing rights). The replacement fines must be paid within four weeks of notice.

The library is not responsible for any damages which the recordings or programs you have borrowed possibly cause to your PC or other devices.

Late fines and collection charges

If you return the borrowed items after the due date, you will be charged an overdue fine according to the list of fees.

The first overdue notice will be sent three days after the due date. An overdue fine will be collected if the notice has been sent, even if it has not reached the receiver. The second notice will follow two weeks after the first, if the material has not been returned. The third notice includes an invoice billing for the cost of the unreturned material. If needed, legal proceedings will be initiated to collect the reimbursement at great additional costs to the client.

Debt limit

The easiest way to pay your overdue fine is at the loan desk when returning the materials. Unpaid fines are added to your debt account in the customer database. The maximum allowable debt is 10 . You can pay the debt in full or in parts. You must pay all of your debt to the library, no matter how small amount, at the end of each year.

Loan ban

You will be placed in loan ban if

  • you do not return your materials after two notices
  • you do not replace (or reimburse for) damaged or lost materials
  • you have debts more than the maximum allowable amount (10 ).