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Tottinkatu 6 a
57130 Savonlinna

044 417 4429 - Information Desk
044 417 4427 - Newspaper Reading Room
044 417 4424 - Renewals

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Savonlinna Main Library is located in a park on a hill near St. Olaf's Castle. There was a lookout tower on the hill before the library was built. The building was completed in 1964. The architects were Kaisa Harjanne and Maija Suurla. The library is a fine sample of the building style of the sixties and was praised as Finland's most beautiful library building.
Unfortunately the facilities and location of the building do not meet the modern requirements anymore. The building is small and hard to reach especially for the disabled and elderly. Construction of a new library building is planned for the period 2011-2012.


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